The Bowler Producer Journey

Here is an overview showing the process and services offered to our producers.

Introductory Meeting

Want to understand more about free range egg production? We offer a comprehensive, informative, introductory meeting to allow you to explore all aspects of free range egg production at your own pace and without commitment.

Site Visit

We will undertake a full assessment of your site, without charge or obligation, to assess its suitability for free range farming.

Free Range Agreement

We offer an agreement that gives complete clarity of our trading relationship so that both parties can trade confidently and with certainty about the detail.

Planning Application

We work alongside several established agricultural planning companies who can carry out the whole planning application on your behalf and provide invaluable support and advice.


Obtaining finance and getting the right financial advice is essential to the success of your free range business.

Ground Works

Getting the right specification for your groundworks keeps your building on track and at the right cost.

Building / Equipment

We can advise you on the types of units and multi-tier systems available prior to and during the construction phase.


Our pullet team monitor the growth and development of your flock and ensure that it is reared and vaccinated to our own unique specifications.


Our feed is guaranteed to be free of offal, meat and bone, and it does not contain any growth promoters, antibiotics or hormones. We offer both GM and non-GM formulations, depending on egg type produced.

Field Support

Field Support is provided through farm visits, 24/7 telephone and email access, as well as office based review of farm performance figures.

Egg Collection

The driver will show you how to wrap and label your eggs and load eggs onto the lorry.

Old Hen Removal

We will organise and schedule the removal of your old flock and explain how to prepare the unit for removal of the hens.