The UK Egg Industry currently produces some 10.4 billion eggs each year, from Laying Flocks of approximately 38 million birds, and on average each person in the UK consumes 187 eggs per year.

Eggs are extremely nutritious protein sources, low in calories, and contain many essential vitamins and amino acids. More information about the UK Egg Industry and associated partners can be found by clicking below.

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Industry Information

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Egg Sizes

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Egg Codes & Quality

Lion Code of Practice

Lion Code of Practice is a scheme that is recognised by all major retailers for food safety. The practice covers the entire production chain and incorporates food safety controls above and beyond those outlined in current UK and EU legislation. Strong links with our industry associates is one of our key strengths. These relationships are important as we can share our knowledge and experience with others who are dedicated to free range egg production. Please follow the link below to find out more about Lion Code and associated industry data.
Lion Code of Practice

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Uk Egg Market

Source: Nielson 13.06.20 / Kantar 14.06.20