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Free Range Consultancy Services

Bowler Eggs is renowned for the depth and quality of the support and consultancy services that we provide to our producers.

Most farm consultants have a broad knowledge across a range of farming activities. A Bowler Eggs Consultant specialises in just one area: free range egg production.

Whilst the majority of our business operates in providing support to our free range egg producers who supply us with egg, and will continue to do so, we also offer a range of services outside of this by providing feed, pullets and consultancy services.

If you would like to discuss how Bowler Eggs could help your business or would like to discuss consultancy services that aren't hidden behind tea and sympathy then call Gary or Andrew on 01283 734171, or request a call back here.

Feed Suppliers

Our feed is formulated by an industry leading nutritionist and is guaranteed to comply with all relevant legislation.

We supply our millers with the exact milling specification for every diet we offer, and have complete control over every batch of feed produced.

Many producers assume that you have to be under our egg contract to buy our feed, which is not always the case. If you would like to discuss the diets we offer please call us on 01283 734171.

Pullet Suppliers

We can supply pullets reared to the highest quality.

We have a team of Pullet Consultants who continually monitor the birds throughout the rearing process. They ensure that all our birds are reared and vaccinated to our own unique and comprehensive programme.

If you would like to discuss purchasing pullets please call us on 01283 734171.